Monday, July 23, 2012

How to fix windows xp infinite boot loop

If you're searching for the right fix for your windows xp that can't boot, loops back after windows loading progress appears, that is called the infinite boot loop. So if you have this problem then perhaps the solution to this is by running a simple chkdsk command using your own windows xp cd. If you don't have one, then you might want to try the Hirens Boot CD which is absolutely free.

Well to verify that you have the infinite windows boot loop, please watch the video here:

If the video above has the same problem as you got right now then in a short minutes you'll be able to fix it. Just follow the rest of the steps and video below.

Step 1: Make sure that you have set your BIOS to first boot on CD - To access BIOS, please turn on your computer power then repeatedly press DEL button until you get into the program. If DEL button does not work, try pressing F1 OR F10. Don't forget to SAVE changes you make.

Please see video on how to set your BIOS to boot on CD.

Step 2: This step is very simple, after you've setup your BIOS, you will have to insert your windows xp CD and press the reset button of your computer then a wait a few seconds to appear the text "Press any key to boot from CD" - immediately press any keys on your keyboard to boot from CD.

Step 3: When you're computer starts to boot/load on CD, please wait a little while until you'll see the image as shown below. You will then have to press 'R' on your keyboard to select the Recovery Console option. This will load the command prompt and ask what installation that you're going to use, typically, its the 1. Also if you have set administrator password, you may need to type it in their, if no pasword just press enter.

Please refer to the video below and fast forward to 2:56 - if you don't want to hear that guy talking a lot of bla bla. So go ahead watch the video.

                                                                     Fast forward to 2:57 minutes

Setp 4: Lets start fixing it. You will then have to type the command CHDSK /P - press ENTER key afterwards.

Please refer to the image below.

You can also type the command CHKDSK C: /P - so basically what the command do is to check the consistency of the drive and recover any sort of errors. If there are bad sectors detected then its about time that you start backing up your data and a get a new drive. A fresh installation will be imperative.

Note: Do this command twice to verify that everything has no more errors.

I hope you find this helpful and thanks to the video and images owners. Please follow us and perhaps consider a small DONATION if this has help you. Thank you.

If this hasn't able to help you then perhaps your computer might be infected by virus which had damage the boot record. It would be advisable to scan and remove the virus first. You can use a portable USB antivirus.  I think Google can help you find it.

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  1. when i do this i get to the part where it says push any key to boot cd. i do then the screen goes black and does nothing. it never goes to the blue recovery screen.. how do i fix this?